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Cathcart Cemetery

James Henderson
1824 - 1912

President 1898 - 1899
Chairman 1899 – 1912

When James Henderson died after a short illness on 10 May, 1912, the loss was not only felt by Rangers Football Club.

Like so many others who took the office of chairman of Rangers, Mr Henderson served his city as well.

He represented Kingston Ward, entering Glasgow Town Council in 1903. He rose to Senior Magistrate and was made a Baillie in 1907. He was most fondly remembered for the work he did for the welfare of poor children, serving as chairman of the Children’s Committee of Govan Parish Council. James Henderson was also a Justice of the Peace.

James Henderson’s working life began, remarkably, as a fourteen year old taxi driver. By his mid-twenties, he had set up his own taxi company at Paisley Road Toll,( it is now the Grand Old Opry building). Such was the success of the business, it became a limited company in 1897, with its founder as managing director.

It is clear not a minute of a day was wasted in the life of James Henderson.

Despite running a successful business and being committed to serving his city, he also found time to become a highly respected football administrator.

Having been vice-president to J R Gow in 1896-1897 and 1897-98, James Henderson became president of Rangers Football Club in that most wonderful of seasons, 1898-99. That, of course, was the year the record of winning every league game played was set.

At the end of 1898-99, the bold step of Rangers Football Club becoming Rangers Football Club Limited was taken.

President Henderson became Chairman Henderson at the first board meeting of the new company on 1 June, 1899.

A lover of athletics as well as football, James Henderson was a believer in keeping all sport “clean”. He served as president of the Scottish League and the International League Board. He was also one of the oldest members of Queen’s Park.

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