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The Final Resting Place of Moses McNeil’s Grandparents Found in County Down.

The Final Resting Place of Moses McNeil’s Grandparents Found in County Down.

Moses McNeil’s mother Jane Louden Bain(Bean) was born in 1815 in Downpatrick County Down.

Her father was a Henry Bain(Bean) a grocer and general merchant,his parents came from Kilmore.

They came to Glasgow and Jane married a John McNeil from Comrie Perthshire on the 31st December 1839.

The rest as they say is history.

Jane Louden Bain McNeil and John McNeil rest with their sons Peter and William in Craigton Cemetery Glasgow.

The Bain/McNeil family story forms part of our Founders Presentation which we took across to Newtownards a couple of years ago, an event which was organised by a good friend of the project Alan Ferguson from Ballynahinch.

Alan was intrigued by the story of Moses family link with the Downpatrick area and has spent the last couple of years researching their story but unfortunately ran into the usual problems of lost records and names being misspelt on documents.

Just last week Alan contacted us full of joy as he’d finally made the breakthrough.

He’s located the final resting places of the Great Grandparents and Grandparents of our Founder Moses McNeil in the grounds of Down Cathedral in Downpatrick.

Both graves are only yards from the plot of St.Patrick.

On top of this another mystery was solved.

Moses brothers and sisters had fairly ordinary names, Peter, Elizabeth, William, John, James, Henry, Isabella and Alexander and then along came Moses, who’s name was a break from the mould,this has always intrigued us.

Alan’s research has discovered that the family minister back in Kilmore in 1833 was a MOSES Black.

We’d like to thank Alan for his research which he stuck with through periods of frustration.

This has added another layer to what is a wonderful story.

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