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Jimmy Bell and the Founders Trail group.

Jimmy Bell and the Founders Trail group.

The story would always be the same if our Trail ran the day before a home match.

We’d arrive at the stadium to be told by the Club tour guides “ He’s in setting up the dressing room you won’t get the group in there now”.

After a while the courage would be plucked up and I’d pop my head around the dressing room door “Jimmy any chance you could let our Founders Trail group in for a quick pic of the dressing room it won’t take long”

Jimmy “ Naw nae chance anyone is getting in here now”

“ But Jimmy a couple of them are also hoping to get a pic taken with you” 😉

“ Eh…aye alright then but make it quick”

“ Jimmy says it’s ok everyone” then the stampede to get a pic taken with the legend would begin,forget the Trophy Room or tunnel area Jimmy Bell was in the building 😂

He soon softened when the Bears got around him 😂

Thanks for everything Jimmy 💙

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