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Chairman 1923


William Craig’s sudden death on 20 November, 1923 gives him the sad distinction of enjoying the shortest period in office of any Rangers chairman. This, though, understates the contribution he made to the Club over many years. He had served on the Board since 1903 – 1904.

The “Glasgow Herald” obituary stated William Craig had been “engaged as a Clan Line stevedore”. His life suggests he must have had a second string to his bow, possibly in business. His long years of service on the Rangers Board and his position as a Justice of the Peace would appear to support this.

William Craig lies in the “Rangers Triangle” of graves at Cathcart Cemetery. By extraordinary coincidence, the grave next to that of Mr Craig is R S McColl’s. Almost directly opposite, a matter of yards away, is the final resting place of William Wilton. Elsewhere at Cathcart lies a predecessor of Mr Craig, James Henderson and a former player and club president, J A K Watson.

William Craig: Service
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