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The Founders Trail

About Us

It was burning curiosity that led my colleague Gordon Bell and I to research the Founders story.
Curiosity that was born from reading Rangers books as children. Books where the authors seemed to be in a mad dash to skip over what we felt was the most important part, the story of the lads who had actually formed the Club.
We’d often pondered - Where did these boys live? Were they successful in life? Did they venture into the business world? Did they marry, or have children? Did they stay in Glasgow once their playing days were over?
So we set out in 2007 to research their story and it wasn’t long before our path crossed with journalist Gary Ralston who was researching the same story which culminated in his book the Gallant Pioneers 1872 which was released in 2009.
As the locations linked to our Founders started to spring up around Glasgow we received a few requests to take people on a guided tour and from that the Founders Trail was born. The first Trail that we attempted was on August 9th 2009 and was on foot but very quickly descended into chaos when a refreshment break was had at a West End pub!
So the next logical step was to take it around Glasgow by coach. In early 2010 we approached the Club and the Stadium Tour was added to the Founders Trail.
Since 2009, over nine thousand people have followed in the foot-steps of those kids who formed our unique Club - from Fleshers Haugh to Ibrox Stadium.
This is the culmination of years of research which is still on-going. Everything that we cover during the Tour is checked and then checked again to ensure that the information we share with you is accurate.
We want to continue to celebrate our history and to promote the Club in any way we can.
The Founders Trail is completely self-funding. Our continued research is all possible because of the success of the tour over the last twelve years. The bus hire, the literature you receive when you take the tour and the continued research is only possible because of the incredible backing we have received from you, the Rangers Support. The demand for the tours is continuing to grow and we thank you for letting us share the history of Rangers with you.
When you purchase a seat on the Founders Trail bus or purchase merchandise, you not only give us the opportunity to tell the Rangers story, you also help to put funds back into the Club. Your money goes towards the purchase of:
•Ibrox Stadium Tours
•Rangers Lottery
•Youth Members Club
•Auchenhowie Brick
•Donations to the Rangers Youth Development Company

The Founders Trail and Ibrox Stadium Tour is very proud to run in association with Rangers Football Club and Rangers Youth Development Company.

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