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"Back in 2006 I approached Glasgow City Council with a proposal to place a plaque within the Football Centre on Fleshers Haugh marking the birthplace of our Club and to acknowledge the determination to succeed shown by our four kids back in 1872.
After, not unexpected, lengthy negotiations we reached agreement to honour our Founders by way of a plaque that was to be placed at the reception area of the Football Centre. Artwork and text that I had in mind was chosen and was given to our plaque manufacturer.
The Club that these lads formed has given the city of Glasgow so much over the last 138 years that it's time the City gave them something back."
Iain McColl

On Sunday 6th September 2009 a little bit of history was made as the foundation of Rangers Football Club was marked by the unveiling of a plaque at Fleshers Haugh on Glasgow Green by the grand-daughter of one of the four founders.

Heather Lang (grand-daughter of Peter McNeil) drew back the curtain to reveal the plaque which tells the story of the club's foundation. She was accompanied by Gary Ralston the author of the book Rangers 1872 - The Gallant Pioneers and representatives of the Rangers Football Club.

The unveiling of the plaque was a milestone in the work of the Rangers Founders Committee who have worked tirelessly over the last few years to popularise the story of the origins of the club.

Rangers FC were represented by Sandy Jardine (ex-player), David Mason (club historian) and Jim Hannah (supporters liaison officer) and John MacMillan the General Secretary of the Rangers Supporters Association.

The founders were also honoured by the presence of local councillor Alison Thewliss; the Honorary President of the Clyde Amateur Rowing Club George Parsonage and Lorna Logan (a former vice-captain of the CARC) who has been very helpful with regard to research. The cost of the Plaque was met by the generosity of Rangers Supporters world-wide.

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