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From the birth of the club and before the lads would return home to compete in the Garelochhead Sports. Above are some reports reports from 1868, 1873, 1874 and 1875 sports.

1868 has among others Peter Campbell and his brothers James and John who both played for the Rangers during the early years. Harry McNeil is listed on the 1868 Sports day coming 3rd in the foot race.

Not surprisingly the name of Tom Vallance stands out in all of the reports. Including the 1873 report which shows him and Moses winning a three legged race.
Rangers oldest trophy within Ibrox is the Cup won by Moses for a half-mile race that he won here on 1st January 1876.

The Herald Wednesday, January 8, 1868 Garelochhead sports
The Herald Saturday, January 4, 1873 Garelochead Sports
The Herald Monday, January 5, 1874 Garelochead Sports
The Herald Monday, January 4, 1875 Garelochhead sports 1875
Garelochhead Sports: Portfolio
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