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Rosneath Cemetery

Moses McNeil
1855 - 1938

Over the last few years while working on the Founders project we had the pleasure of meeting on a few occasions the late great Sandy Jardine.
He spoke often about a memorial for Moses McNeil at the Rosneath churchyard where he is buried but sadly fate was to lend a hand before that particular project was to come to fruition.

The plot where Moses was laid to rest has a stone with the names of Duncan Gray (Moses Brother-in-law) and his sisters Isabella and Elizabeth inscribed.

Sadly the name of the man who gave our Club its name of Rangers doesn’t appear, this would be down to the fact that Moses was the last one to pass away.

The project was completed by way of an engraved granite plaque which was placed at Moses final resting place.

The Gravestone was also cleaned and brought back to its original condition and the fading lettering re-done.

The granite plaque was donated and the work was carried out is at minimal cost which will be met by donations already made to the Restoration fund.

The dedication service which was held was conducted by the local minister Rev Christine Murdoch at Moses final resting place at St.Modan’s Parish Churchyard, Rosneath on Sunday 28th June 2015.

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