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116 Years Ago Today. Peter McNeil

On the 30th March 1901 our Founder Peter McNeil passed at Hawkhead Asylum in Glasgow.

He rests in Craigton Cemetery with his brothers William and James and parents John and Jean.

Rangers team-mate William Dunlop wrote in the SFA Handbook of 1881. Using the name ‘True Blue’ that ‘’Genial Peter McNeil would travel on a Saturday morning to a desirable part of the Glasgow Green, set up the noted standards and stand guard until the classic hour came when he would be joined by his friends’’.

We felt this was a very dramatic and moving image and commissioned a painting to be done depicting this scene .

The painting by artist Helen Runciman hangs at the top of the Marble Staircase at Ibrox.

In September 2009 Peter McNeil’s Granddaughter Heather Lang unveiled he Founders Plaque at the Glasgow Green Football Centre which marks the momentous spot in the city where our Club was born.

Peter McNeil.

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