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The Peter Campbell Memorial Plaque Vandalised.

The Peter Campbell Memorial Plaque Vandalised.

The memorial plaque was unveiled on the 22nd July,only three weeks ago.

To the scumbag who went out of his way, in a quiet corner of Wales, and attempted to erase the name of our Founder Peter Campbell and that of Rangers Football Club from the inscription.

Did you even for a second consider that this memorial is a dedication not only to Peter Campbell but to every soul who perished when the St.Columba went down?

No, your brain capacity obviously couldn’t stretch there.

Let me assure you now that your pathetic efforts were futile.

Our restoration work will continue with greater pace than ever before.

We will continue to place these memorials , re-erect and repair those fallen and forever celebrate the names of those who made our club the world’s most successful.

These men will stand tall long after you and your like are gone.

One thing in life that we do share and that’s the fact that it’s it’s all about the Rangers.

Note: The plaque is made of Welsh slate, we will be seeking advice today on how to repair the damage done.

Russell Calderwood of the Cardiff RSC will report the vandalism to Penarth Police today and will talk to Penarth Council about having a perspex cover fitted.

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