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The Family of George Gillespie Have Contacted the Founders Trail.

The Family of George Gillespie Have Contacted the Founders Trail.

Last week we were absolutely thrilled to receive an email from the Granddaughter of Rangers player George Gillespie. George joined Rangers in 1875.

The family were researching his story and found themselves on our website. They’re coming from British Columbia in Canada to visit Glasgow at the end of this month and we’ve arranged to meet and take them around town telling George’s wonderful story. We’ll visit Burnbank, Kinning Park, West of Scotland Cricket Ground, George’s house on Radnor Street, his Pub in Finnieston which today is the Tap House, his final resting place in Lambhill Cemetery and take them on a Tour of Ibrox Stadium. It’s these events which makes working on the Founders Project a real joy.

George Gillespie.

George was a member of the legendary 1877 Scottish Cup Final team and gave great service to the Rangers. He started his career as an outfield player but is remembered more for his goalkeeping skills. He appeared for Scotland 7 times during his playing career, never on the losing side. He was a very successful business man in the license trade. George lived at Radnor Street facing Kelvingrove Park and sadly passed there in 1900.

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