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Rangers Legend Joins The Founders Trail!

Rangers Legend Joins The Founders Trail!

This Sunday we’ll be honoured to welcome aboard the Founders Trail Rangers Legend Davie Wilson and family.

To top it all off it was Davie and his who rang to reserve the seats!

The conversation went like this:

Mrs Wilson’’ Hello we’d like to do the Founders Trail on Sunday 20th August’’

Me’’ I’m really sorry but the Tour on Sunday has been fully booked for a number of weeks’’

Mrs Wilson’’ My husband would like to speak to you’’

Husband’’ Hello Iain, this is Davie Wilson of the Rangers, we’d like to take the Founders Trail on Sunday’’

Me ‘’ No problem Davie, how many seats would you like?’’

Davie Wilson was our guest at the Founders Dinner at Ibrox in 2009.

It will be a joy to have a Rangers great with us this Sunday on the Founders Trail.

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