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Tom Vallance and the Viceroy Bar.

Tom Vallance and the Viceroy Bar.

Tom Vallance was Rangers Captain, Player and President.

He had a 60 year association with his Club that he’d helped form and nurture and was awarded life membership.

Tom was a guest of the Club at a match at Ibrox Stadium in 1933 when we faced Sporting Club of Vienna and also at the New Year’s Day game against Celtic.

The lad who was present at Fleshers Haugh was now attending Ibrox where his Club were now playing in front of huge attendances.

Tom was a very successful business man and in 1890 opened the Club Restaurant at 22 Paisley Road West which today is The Viceroy Bar, a popular pre and after match venue for us Rangers supporters.

Tom's Club Restaurant business was so successful that he was to expand into the building across the lane.

This sketch of the Dining Room was done by Tom’s own hand.

Today it’s wonderful to see that Peter ,the current owner of The Viceroy Bar, has paid tribute to Tom Vallance by adding this sign above the main entrance.

The Viceroy has a fantastic link with the Rangers early years and is well worth a visit.

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