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80 Years Ago Today. Moses McNeil

80 Years Ago Today.

On the 9th April 1938 our Founder Moses McNeil passed at Townend Hospital Dumbarton.

Moses spent the last few years of his life living with his sister, Isabella, in Clynder at Craig Cottage. She died in 1935, to be followed by her brother, the last of the siblings, in 1938.

Only 9 months after Moses’ passing Rangers would set their record attendance at Ibrox Park of 118,000 .

It’s a comforting thought that our Founder was sitting in his cottage while the Club that he’d help form and nurture were now one of the biggest in the World.

They lie together with their sister Elizabeth and Isabella’s husband, Duncan Gray, in the lovely churchyard at Rosneath. But sadly for the man who gave Rangers their name his own isn’t inscribed on the family headstone.

The late Sandy Jardine was a great supporter of the Founders project and had expressed a desire to have a plaque with Moses name on it placed at the churchyard at Rosneath and this is a project that we completed on Sandy’s behalf on Sunday 28th June 2015.

Our Restoration team cleaned Moses stone and placed an engraved plaque which was purchased after funds were raised via the Rangers support.

Today we remember Moses McNeil.

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