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The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project. John Taylor.

The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project. John Taylor.

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve managed to locate the final resting place at Craigton Cemetery of Rangers trainer John Taylor.

John Taylor was born in 1852 but tragically,at the age of only 45, passed in May 1897 after a bout of pneumonia.

He was a Govan man from Merryland Street,a much loved and respected individual.

He was trainer at Rangers from 1885-1897 during which time the Club moved from Kinning Park to our new home at Ibrox.

Rangers won the League for the first time in 1890 and the Scottish Cup for the first time in 1894 after beating Celtic 3-1 at Hampden, it was John Taylor who trained and coached the players, he’s pictured here standing at the back with our victorious players.

We would also win four Glasgow Cups and one Glasgow Merchants Charity Cup during his tenure at the Club.

‘’Johnny’’ as he was affectionately known was a sprinter in his younger days and twice received gallantry awards for saving people from drowning.

Today Mr Taylor’s plot sadly lies unmarked.

Over the next few weeks a new stone will be placed giving back some dignity and respect to a man we owe a lot to.

These men gave us everything and this is today’s generation of Rangers supporters giving them something back.

If you’d like to donate to the Restoration of Rangers Graves Project please do so using this link.

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