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James ‘’Tuck’’ McIntyre Rangers FC 1880-1891. Family Visit From Texas.

A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by the family of James ‘’Tuck’’ McIntyre, his great niece said that she’d been researching her family tree which took her on to our website

On Sunday we had the pleasure of meeting, all the way from Texas, Sandra Tucker and her friend Susan. It was a joy to take them on a tour of many places relating to James’s time at Rangers including our magnificent Ibrox Stadium. They then paid their respects at his final resting place at Craigton Cemetery.

The James McIntyre story.

James played for Alexandria Athletic for three years before joining Rangers in 1880.He played for Rangers for 11 years and was Club captain for a spell.

He represented Glasgow against Sheffield, London, Lancashire, Edinburgh and Birmingham and was capped for Scotland against Wales in 1884.He was Convenor of the Rangers ground and was also on selection committee’s.

James was one of the few people to be awarded life membership of the Rangers.

In the 1890’s James McIntyre was the owner of what was Tuck’s which became Fergies, NN10 and today the Three Cheers pub at Paisley Road Toll which he sadly lost due to ‘’cash flow problems’’. ‘’ Well if he wasn’t so keen on giving the Rangers supporters so much whiskey on tick then it could’ve stayed in the family hands ‘’ said his Grand Daughter Vivien.

In his later years James lived at 407 Paisley Road, a stone’s throw from Ibrox Stadium. Due to his contribution to the Club over many years a supporter offered to buy James and his family a retirement house in Largs which James turned down as he said it would take him too far away from the Rangers. Vivien said ‘’ He would often sit at the window of the flat on Paisley Road and the supporters on their way to Ibrox would shout and wave up to him which brought him great comfort’’.

She also informed us that the name ‘’ Tuck’’ came about because of his portly figure.

It isn’t everyone who can say that a family relative met Buffalo Bill!

It was in 1891 that Bill Cody brought his famous Wild West show to Glasgow. James McIntrye met with him and asked that he bring his show to Ibrox, sadly that never transpired but James brought Buffalo Bill to Ibrox to watch the Rangers play Queens Park.

James sadly passed on 17th March 1943.

James McIntyre played a huge role in the early years of our Club and won’t ever be forgotten.

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17 de nov. de 2021

Great story. Cheers Tuck. WATP.

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