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The Founders Trail Roadshow. We’re Back And Now Taking Bookings!

The Founders Trail Roadshow. We’re Back And Now Taking Bookings!

Now that restrictions have been lifted we’ll be delighted to bring the hugely popular Founders Roadshow to your Pub or Club.

As we celebrate our 55th Title hear the incredible story of how it all began.

We at the Founders Trail are aware that due to time constraint, distance and cost many supporters can't make the journey to Glasgow to join us on the Founders Trail so back in 2014 we launched the Founders Trail Roadshow which is an alternative format which lets us take our wonderful story out to you.

The Founders Trail Roadshow tells the story of our Founders from the shores of the Gareloch, to their arrival in Glasgow and their journey to the front door of Ibrox Stadium. This is done by way of a slideshow presentation. We profile each of our Founders and the subsequent growth of our unique club into a worldwide sporting institution.

The presentation also provides an insight into the Restoration of Rangers Graves Project and of course the Founders Trail. We hope that by telling this story it will give everyone an understanding of the very foundations upon which those lads built our club.

Over the last few years our Founders Trail Roadshow has visited places such as Belfast, Londonderry, Plymouth, Blackpool, Campbletown, Fraserburgh, Thringstone and Aberdeen.

The presentation lasts for approximately 90 mins, with a 20 minute interval we also encourage a Q&A session at the conclusion.

The roadshow can be booked to coincide with other entertainment you may wish to provide for those attending.

We have all of our own equipment, all we need from you is a plug point and an audience.

If you would like to discuss us bringing the Founders Trail Roadshow to your supporters club, lodge or organisation then please email us at or call 07902 855536.

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