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The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project and Lodge 1478 Nitshill.

The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project and Lodge 1478 Nitshill.

Last Friday night we had the pleasure of presenting the Founders Story for Lodge 1478 and friends at their social club,a fantastic evening was had by all.

At the end of the presentation our donations bucket was sent around the hall and the wonderful sum of £206 was raised for the Restoration Project.This will ensure that our work continues over the coming weeks and months.

We’d like to sincerely thank all who attended for their generosity and in particular Duncan McGregor for arranging and organising the event.

If you’d like information on hosting a Founders Presentation event please email us for details at or call 0790 2855536 for a chat.

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May 22, 2023

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May 06, 2023

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