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The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project Remembering the 66.The Markinch Boys and Margaret Ferguson

The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project Remembering the 66. The Markinch Boys and Margaret Ferguson.

In 2010 a bench was placed at Thornton Parish Church in Fife by the Markinch Memorial Committee in memory of the five boys from Markinch who never returned home from Ibrox on the 2nd January 1971.

These boys were friends who attended the same school

Peter Easton Aged 13.

Ronald Paton Aged 14

Mason Phillips Aged 14

Brian Todd Aged 14

Douglas Morrison Aged 15

A few years ago it was brought to our attention by fellow supporter Chris Beglin, who’d been to Thornton Parish Church to pay his respects, that the bench had suffered weather damage and that him and a couple of his friends would like to carry out the necessary restoration work on it.I contacted the Markinch Memorial Committee and Thornton Parish Church with this proposal and gained their consent.

Chris, his friends Steve and Alex removed the bench and with a lot of due care and attention restored it to its original state.

The memorial bench was returned to Thornton Parish Church.

Last weekend Chris and Alex again carried out restoration work on the bench.

Margaret Ferguson.

Margaret Ferguson was only 18 years old when she lost her life at Ibrox Stadium on the 2nd January 1971. She was also the only female to die in the tragedy.

A memorial bench to Margaret sits in Muiravonside Cemetery but sadly it was badly weather beaten.

A few years ago our guys Chris and Alex restored the bench and last weekend carried out more work on it.

Thanks lads.

The tragic link between Margaret and Colin Stein:

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