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Cathcart Cemetery

R S McColl
1876 – 1959

He started his career at Queen's Park in 1894. McColl represented the Scottish League in 1901.[1] He later played for Newcastle United. McColl remained in Newcastle for 3 years, and returned to play for Rangers in 1905. He returned to Queen's Park in 1907, although the 'return' of his amateur status had to be decided by the board of the club beforehand. McColl finished his football career in 1912, scoring 6 goals in his final game against Port Glasgow Athletic, a Scottish scoring record which stands to the present day.

McColl played 13 games and scored 13 goals for the Scotland national football team. He was inducted into the Scottish Football Hall of Fame in November 2011.

McColl is now better known for lending his name to the newsagent chain RS McColl, which he set up in 1901 with his brother Tom. Due to this he became known as 'Toffee Bob'.

Rangers signed R S McColl from Newcastle for £300. He was signed by the man who is just a matter of feet away……..William Wilton.

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