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Craigton Cemetery

William Struth
1875 - 1956

Mr. William Struth was Manager of Rangers from 1920 until 1954.
A 34 year reign that won’t ever be matched in football.

He was born in Edinburgh although he spent his formative years in Milnathort. He was a renowned disciplinarian insisting that the players wore collar, tie and hat even to training.

When his players socialised Mr Struth demanded that they sat in the best seats in the city’s theatres as they were Rangers players and were very much respected in society.

During that 34 year reign Mr Struth won an incredible 18 League Championships, 10 Scottish Cups and 2 League Cups. (7 War-Time Championships, 19 Glasgow Cups and 17 Glasgow Merchants Cups). 73 Trophies.

He died on 21st September 1956 aged 81.


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