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131 Years Ago Today.

131 Years Ago Today.

24TH March 1887.

Rangers required funds to help with the move from Kinning Park to First Ibrox subsequently a committee was formed which was chaired by Tom Vallance.

The ‘’Monstre Concerts’’ which were organised proved to be extremely popular and quickly sold out.

The outlets shown at the bottom of the advert show that tickets could be purchased from Harry and Peter McNeil’s shop on Union Street , and from George Gillespie and James Watson who both played in that legendary series of games that was the 1877 Scottish Cup Final.

This was the lads who’d formed our Club, and others from our early years, fund-raising to help their dream become a reality.

This was the Rangers in the process of moving to Ibrox and somewhere we could call home.

The Waterloo Rooms stood on the corner of Waterloo Street and Wellington Street.

In 1910 it became The Alhambra Theatre which was demolished in 1971.

Today it’s the Alhambra House office block.

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