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The Founders who continued to follow follow.

The Founders who continued to follow follow.

During our early research into the lives of the kids who formed Rangers we were intrigued to find if they attended matches later in life and to witness first hand how this seed that they had planted at Fleshers Haugh in 1872 had now grown into a huge football institution.

We had discovered that the great Tom Vallance was present on the very day that our magnificent Main Stand opened in 1929. Tom was also a guest of the Club in 1933 for the New Year’s Day game against Celtic and again when we entertained Sporting Club of Vienna later that month.

Just recently our research has discovered this newspaper article from 1905 which mentions both Tom Vallance and Moses McNeil making the pilgrimage to Hampden for the Scottish Cup Final against Third Lanark .

This is two of the teenage boys who were there during those first few days of our Club supporting the Club, both now in their fifties.

It must have given them both an incredible sense of achievement and satisfaction.

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