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Founders Trail Memories.Tims In Attempt to Sabotage Founders Trail!

Founders Trail Memories. Tims In Attempt to Sabotage Founders Trail!

The Gibson Street Festival in Glasgow had been running for a number of years so back in 2012 we decided to hire a stall to promote our wonderful Founders/Rangers story which of course is an integral part of the history of Glasgow, additionally Founder Peter McNeil had lived on Gibson Street for a few years.The stall was hugely popular, we sold a lot of Trail tickets,gave out information on the history of our Club and raised a lot of money for charity.

Just prior to the 2013 event I was asked to a meeting with the organisers who informed me that they were withdrawing our stall as they’d received a couple of calls and emails stating that the Festival shouldn’t be linked with “a sectarian organisation such as Rangers”. I laughed, then quickly realised they were serious so in turn I advised the event planners to expect a busy couple of days and to keep their office phone switched on. I posted the news around that we were being banned and sure enough a tsunami of rage hit them that hard that they rang me and asked me to get people to stop calling and emailing them.

The Evening Times then got involved, ran the story which prompted the much larger West End Festival organisers to step in and offer us a stall at their event which we gladly accepted.

So, thanks to the bitter, twisted mind of the Tims our stall at the 2013 and 2014 West End Festival raised three times the amount of money for the Founders Trail via ticket and merchandise sales and also a load of cash for charity.

Everyone likes a happy ending

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