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The New Gallant Pioneers Book 150th Special Anniversary Edition.

The New Gallant Pioneers Book 150th Special Anniversary Edition. Our new book reveals fascinating new details on the formation of Rangers

First picture of tragic founder discovered for new edition of 'The Gallant Pioneers' 

New details on the origins of Rangers Football Club are revealed in the latest,updated edition.

Only £16.00 (+ £2.32 P+P).

As we approach our 150th Anniversary read about how our incredible story started!

Our Gallant Pioneers books are all signed by the three authors and Rangers Legend John Brown.

A must read for all True Blues!

Take a journey back to 1872 and the birth of the greatest club in the world formed by a group of kids who had no money,no kit or even a ball.

Purchase your book here on our website and we’ll post your copy out within 24 hours.

Fresh research for the acclaimed book, which chronicles the early years' history of the Ibrox club, has uncovered several compelling insights to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Light Blues.

The book, first published in 2009 and now in its fourth edition, features the only photograph ever unearthed of William McBeath, who formed the club in early spring 1872 while taking a walk through Kelvingrove Park with friends Moses and Peter McNeil and Peter Campbell.

The book also reveals details of the first match report to feature the name of the club that has since gone on to achieve world renown - from the Glasgow News in September, 1873.

It also argues that Rangers played as a side called 'Western' before a cricket club of the same name claimed it for their newly-formed football team to take part in the first Scottish Cup in 1873.

Gordon Bell, who led the latest research, said: "Four lads had a dream - and they really did start the club in 1872 with no money, no kit and even had to borrow a ball to play their early matches on Glasgow Green.

"We were thrilled to discover what we believe to be the first match report featuring the name 'Rangers', from a game against a long forgotten team called 'Clyde' - not the current Bully Wee - which they won 7-1.

"William McBeath scored five goals that day and we're delighted to have finally uncovered a photograph of him to go with Moses and the two Peters.

"Not all the founders of Rangers lived long and happy lives. William, for example, died forgotten in the poorhouse at Lincoln in 1917.

"He was tagged a 'certified imbecile', his latter years were blighted by alcoholism and his second marriage was almost certainly bigamous. He was buried in a pauper's grave.

"However, the role he played with his youthful friends in forming one of the world's greatest football clubs will never be forgotten by Rangers fans.

"Rangers were formed, without a doubt, in 1872 but we are confident in asserting they played some of their earliest games as a team called 'Western' - perhaps as a nod to the childhood roots on the Gare Loch of its founders and many of its earliest players.

"Our research has also thrown up other fascinating insights. The club's first honorary president was the Marquis of Lorne, Queen Victoria's son-in-law. Tom Maley, of that famous Celtic family, even recalled going to watch Rangers play their first Scottish Cup tie in 1874 on the recreation ground at Queen's Park.

"The 'gallant pioneers' could surely never have imagined their idea to form a team, for no other reason than to participate in the new craze of association football, would grow to mean so much to so many”.

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Nov 15, 2021

I flung the hint and a wee Xmas present is now forthcoming 😁💙

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