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The Rangers Overseas Development Project and the Founders Trail.

The Rangers Overseas Development Project and the Founders Trail.

The Founders Trail first took to the streets of Glasgow in 2009.

Our core objective is to give people an understanding of what Rangers Football Club is and why it means so much to so many people around the world.

We literally have a story like no other.

During the course of the Trail we highlight how those wonderful traits that we associate with our Club, hard work, discipline, honesty, integrity and fair play were the very foundation stones that our Club was built upon ,these were put in place by our Founders on Fleshers Haugh in 1872.

We show how our Club is woven into the very fabric of our city Glasgow.

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to a meeting with the Club where they informed us that they are very keen to get the Founders Trail involved with the Rangers Overseas Development Project.

This wonderful initiative regularly brings groups from all over the world into Glasgow where kids, parents and grandparents get to sample the unique Rangers experience.

The Club has groups from Asia visiting over the coming months.

The kids train at Auchenhowie, take in a match when possible, and visit local attractions.

We’re delighted to say that the Founders Trail is now going to be part of this package.

We’ll take our visitors on our journey around Glasgow and tell of how a group of kids came into the town from the Scottish countryside and formed on a spare bit of ground what was to become the world’s most successful football club.

We’ll visit Fleshers Haugh, the West of Scotland Cricket Club, Burnbank, Kinning Park, Craigton Cemetery and Ibrox for the Stadium Tour.

This is a hugely important and positive step not only for the Founders Trail but Rangers Football Club and we’re delighted to be involved.

Our wonderful Founders story is going global

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