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Ten Years Ago This Week. A Tribute To Our Founders

Ten Years Ago This Week. A Tribute To Our Founders.

The Founders plaque at Fleshers Haugh was unveiled on the 6th September 2009.

The image we were keen to portray was the boys stepping from the river and on to the football field with a ball for the first time.

We went with that idea to sculptor Andy Scott who kindly etched the idea on to paper for us. Andy previous work was the John Greig Statue outside Ibrox Stadium, Mr.Struth’s bust within the Stadium. More recently The Kelpies at Falkirk.

This then let us go to a local plaque manufacturer for a costing, we then put out an appeal for the necessary funds to the worldwide Rangers support, the cost was met within days.

On Sunday 6th September 2009 the Founders plaque was unveiled by Heather Lang, the Grand-daughter of our Founder Peter McNeil. We were also honoured to have with us on the day the late great Sandy Jardine.

The football centre at Fleshers Haugh is used by kids almost every day of the week, if the Founders plaque acts as inspiration to even just one then it’s job done because essentially that’s what it was, a group of kids on a bit of spare ground formed their own football team, their boys club went on to become the world’s most successful.

The Plaque inscription reads:

In the spring of 1872 four young boys, Moses McNeil, Peter McNeil, Peter Campbell and William McBeath left their rowing boat on the nearby River Clyde and upon these fields formed a football team.

That team was to become Rangers Football Club.

It was their determination to succeed that led to Rangers becoming one of the world’s most famous clubs.

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